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Minsk International Airport

Airport Minsk

Airport in Minsk

National Airport Minsk is the bigger Airport in Belarus.

  • 10 May'17

Minsk National Airport

The National Airport “Minsk-2” is the main and the largest airport in Belarus. It can be called an international airport as it accommodates flights not just from CIS countries but also flights of far-abroad countries. It was founded in 1983 - the year when the scheduled flights were performed. The Airport is situated outside the city in the eastern direction from the capital, in 43 km from the centre of Minsk and in 34 km from the Minsk ring road. Each year the popularity of the Airport increases. In 2000 the Airport served 400 thousand passengers and 2016 the amount of passengers increased to 3.5 million people. In 2014 the Airport was renovated and reconstructed. In 2017 after the cancellation of visa to Belarus for the citizens of  80 countries the popularity of the airport substantially increased.

International Airport Minsk


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