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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

What You Need to Know!

How to order a transfer. What to do if something went wrong. Answers to the most important questions.

  • Ordering

    What is the right way to enter an address?

    As soon as you start entering the name of the city, the system offers you a selection of options in the pop-up window. After selecting the city, enter the name of the street and the house number in the pop-up window. When you see the whole address in the popup window, click on it, and you are done with entering the address. You can also first enter the street and the house number by selecting the options from the drop-down list. Besides the address, you can enter the name of a company, hotel, health resort, airport, or a station. Remember that you need to select one of the options in the drop-down list.

  • How to get a promo code?

    We’d be happy to have you as our regular client! Transfer Service regular clients get a promo code entitling them to a 15% discount on every fifth trip. The promo code can be used only once. You get the promo code via e-mail after your fourth trip.

  • What if I didn’t get the notice for the placed order?

    After you placed and submitted your order, the system will send you an automatic notification message. If for some reason you didn’t receive it, please contact us. You can call us or text a message via Viber or WhatsApp.

  • What if I didn’t get order confirmation?

    After you placed your order on our site and received an e-mail confirming that your order had been submitted, you will get an order confirmation e-mail. The e-mail contains the information on the car and the driver who will pick you up. As a rule we send the confirmation in 5 - 30 minutes. If for some reason you didn’t get the confirmation in your mailbox within 30 minutes after submitting it, please call us or contact us via Viber or WhatsApp.

  • How long does it take us to process your order?

    It depends upon how quickly we find a car and a driver for you. Normally it takes about 30 minutes.

  • If I am travelling with children

    According to traffic regulations in Belarus, children must use a child car seat corresponding to their height and weight until they are 5. Children over 5 must use booster-seats or booster cushions and wear a seat-belt until they are 12. The law allows a child under 12 not to use a booster or car seat if they are more than 150 cm (4.9 ft) tall.

  • How long in advance should I place my order?

    If you started planning your vacation and know the exact dates long before the trip, we recommend you to place your order in advance. This way your trip will be well-organized and you won’t have to worry about anything. If you didn’t have time to place your order beforehand, we recommend you to do it at least one hour before your trip.

  • What is the right way to place your order?

    In order to find Minsk International Airport in the drop-down list, you need to start entering airport Minsk or Minsk airport in the search bar. When you see Minsk International Airport in the drop-down list, click on it, and you are all set. Or you can just enter the entire name – Minsk International Airport.

  • What time zone should I keep in mind when placing the order?

    You need to keep in mind the time zone of the country where the transfer is going to take place. In our case it’s Belarusian time. If you are not from Belarus and don’t know what time zone Belarus belongs to, you can always check the actual arrival time in your ticket. That’s the time you need to enter when you place your order.

  • How to determine the pick-up time for transfer to Minsk International Airport?

    If you are heading for Minsk International Airport, please remember that it takes about 50-60 minutes to get there from the farthest point in Minsk. If your trip takes place during the rush-hour, it’s advisable to add extra 30 minutes. Please, when planning your trip take into account the above information as well as the minimum check-in time.

  • Your trip

    How much luggage can I have?

    Feel free to take standard amount of luggage with you – a big bag and hand baggage. If you have a lot of luggage and you are not sure if it will fit in our car, you may want to talk this issue over directly with the driver that will pick you up.

  • Can I smoke in the car?

    99% of our drivers do not smoke, which is rather important for non-smoking passengers. You can discuss the possibility of smoking in the car with your driver on the spot.

  • Is there WiFi in the vehicles?

    You have access to the Internet free of charge in any of our cars.

  • Meeting our clients at the airport

    How do I contact my driver upon arrival?

    The driver tracks when your plane lands. In 10-15 minutes he writes you an SMS or calls you at the number you stated in your order. Please make sure your phone is on and you are available. If for some reason the driver didn’t meet you at the airport and didn’t call you, first try to contact him at the number in the order confirmation message, then call us.

  • How do we meet our passengers?

    We either call you upon your arrival, or meet you at the arrival gate with your name sign. We use the phone number and the name you stated while placing your order.

  • Where can I find free WiFi at Minsk International Airport?

    There is free WiFi at Minsk International Airport

  • Where is a currency exchange office at Minsk International Airport?

    Currency exchange office is on the 3d floor. There are two bank outlets – that of Belarusbank and that of BPS-bank. Both outlets work round the clock but have several breaks.

  • What should I do if my flight had been delayed and I didn’t have time to notify my driver?

    If for some reason you flight had been delayed and you didn’t notify your driver, don’t worry that he’ll leave. Our drivers always track the status of your flight before leaving for the airport. If your flight is delayed, the driver will make sure he is at the airport by the time you arrive.

  • What if my plane arrived earlier?

    If you arrived earlier than was expected, try to contact your driver at the number we gave you in the order confirmation message. There is a good chance he has already come and is waiting for you.

  • Meeting at the station

    How do we meet our clients at the station?

    Our drivers always meet our clients at the platform with a name sign. You can tell us what information you want to be written on the sign when placing your order. Please enter it in the commentaries field.

  • What if my driver didn’t meet me at the station?

    If you arrived at the station and your driver isn’t there to meet you, please wait 10-15 minutes at the platform or contact him at the number stated in the order confirmation message.

  • Where can I exchange currency at the railway station in Minsk?

    Currency exchange offices are located on the basement level of the railway station. They are open round the clock.

  • Is there a WiFi network at the railway station in Minsk?

    To connect to WiFi you need to purchase a “Beltelecom” card at any “Belsoyuzpechat” stall.

  • Health Resorts

    How do I order a transfer from a health resort?

    When you order transfer to a health resort you can order your trip back as well. You need to select "return trip" in your order form, and enter the date and time of your trip back. If you didn’t do it, you can order the transfer by calling us, sending us an SMS, or contacting us via WhatsApp or Viber.

  • What if I arrived at the health resort after hours?

    When planning your trip to a health resort, avoid arriving there at night. As a rule health resorts are open in the early morning but you’ll need to wait for the reception to start working.

  • Will the driver help me to carry my luggage to the reception desk or my room at the hotel or health resort?

    Our drivers are happy to help you with your luggage.

  • Miscellaneous questions

    Do you provide personal guide service?

    During your trip our drivers can show you the city and tell you about its history and culture. They can also give you some advice on where to eat or where to go and what to see. But if you take personal guide service seriously, we recommend you our partner MeetnGreetMe. For the details please read the article about concierge services in Belarus.

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