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For passengers that arrive at the International Minsk Airport and go to the border posts of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. more

About Us

We know how to make your trip fast and comfortable…

Transfer service is a relatively young company in the sphere of passenger transportation, that’s why the work of our drivers is under strict control. High quality work leads to good results and customer satisfaction. We want the client to be pleased with the trip, enjoy the ride and use our service next time.

Transfer service is a professional team of punctual, experienced and polite young people that are interesting to talk to. Our car fleet includes clean, modern and reliable vehicles of different classes. You can make an online order at any time of the day or night and we’ll contact you within the shortest possible time.

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Our Team


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Our Achievements

For the period of work in the sphere of transfer we have made our service easier to understand and use for the customers of any age. Our clients are not just from Belarus, but from all over the world. We have the car fleet of different classes. We’ve learned how to meet the most complicated and unusual requirements of our clients and find the way out of unmanageable situations. But the most important achievement for us is our regular customers that use our service with pleasure again and again and tell their friends about us!

What Makes Us Different

Some companies say that their distinctive feature is punctuality, clean cars and easy to remember phone number… But frankly speaking, these are the features of almost every company.

Our distinctive features are small details that being apart wouldn’t seem important, but together with other advantages make the service special and customer-specific. These small details are: likable drivers that are always happy to talk to you; drivers that know where to stop to take a meal or a cup of coffee, buy a SIM card for the phone or souvenirs; an umbrella, a first aid kit, a cell phone charger for any gadget, a city guide in Russian and English and other things. We consider that all these things are primarily important for our clients and also for the successful development of our service.

Our Goals

In order to have a successful business every company needs to set a goal. No goal - no development! We have a clear understanding how our service should work: time saving of our clients when they order transfer, concern for the client, constantly renovated fleet of vehicles and many other things. We work every day to make another step to reach our goal. We do our best to make our service perfect for you!


We are Always There at Your Services

To order transfer You can contact us via Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber,
phone us +375-29-108-77-08, or fill in the online form on our site. We will answer You right away!

We can make You feel comfortable…

In any kind of weather and at any time of the day or night we can transfer you to the destination point on time. You don’t have to wait for a taxi in hot, cold or rainy weather… Just place your order in advance and our driver will be waiting for you in the place you choose. Happiness is the key to success! And we are doing our best to make you feel happy and satisfied with our transfer service!

We know how to comply with the wishes of our clients. In the most complicated situations we can find the way out. Don’t worry about the trip. We are here to make your journey enjoyable, safe and comfortable. Trust your trip to us and you will be pleased with the results! Our company wish you a good trip!

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