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  • Execution of Orders

    We are pleased to present our customers a new service Execution of Orders, which is available on our website!

    The idea of this service came up in the process of work on the transfer. To be more precise, we began to receive orders of our clients, which we were able to solve in Belarus, and sometimes even outside the country, without any problems. And we thought, why not? After all, we have all the logistical support.

  • How does it work?

    For example, you are somewhere in a distant country and you need to do something in Belarus without your presence. But here you do not have any friends, relatives, or anyone else you could ask for help. The only way is to come or fly and do it on your own. But it is a huge waste of money and your precious time. And this is exactly the situation in which you can turn to us for help!

  • How can you pay for the service?

    We evaluate the order and give you the price. Payment is carried out remotely on our website, through the link sent by us to make the payment (WebPay Internet Payment System). You make a prepayment, and the remaining amount is paid when the order is executed.

  • What kind of order could that be?

    This may include: buying tickets, driving a car from point A to point B (or to another country), paying for someone, bringing medicinal product to someone, making a surprise for the loved ones, helping elderly relatives, checking out the object of purchase (car, real estate, etc.), as well as making a detailed photo/video report (including using a drone), and much more!!!

    We cannot promise to do anything. We are executing ONLY adequate orders!!!

  • In the form below you can describe your order, we will consider it and estimate its price.

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Trust us with your task, and we will try to solve it as effectively as possible!