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Borispol Airport in Kiev

Borispol Airport

Borispol Airport

It ranks first by the number of passenger flights in Ukraine and is the largest airport in the country.

  • 23 May'17

About the airport

Borispol Airport was opened in 1959. It is an international airport which is even proved with its official name – Borispol International Airport State Enterprise. The airport is located 18 kilometers outside Kiev to the east on the outskirts of the city of Borispol. Every year, flights from Borispol Airport fly to about 95 destinations, including international ones. The airport has the ability to accept any kind of aircraft. It has 4 passenger terminals and one cargo terminal. According to the last year statistics, the airport was able to serve about 8.7 million people. Special business halls have been created at the airport in which passengers can work calmly and productively before departure.

How to get to Borispol Airport

You can take a taxi from Kiev to Borispol Airport, use public transport or a fixed-route taxi. There are also electric trains passing through Borispol, the interval between trains is 65 to 90 minutes. The airport is located near the E40 highway in the western part of Borispol. The distance from Minsk to Borispol is 620 km. Borispol Airport is very popular with the Belarusians living in the border area with Ukraine. There is also a well-established communication between Gomel and Borispol.

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