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For passengers that arrive at the International Minsk Airport and go to the border posts of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. more

Updated 18.08.2022

Transfer from Minsk Airport to the Border with Lithuania

Our company provides transfer service from the International Minsk Airport to the border crossing checkpoint Kamenny Log (Medininkai) as well as other entry points with Lithuania. During the COVID-19 pandemic we fulfill the orders with particular care!!! We meet the passengers in masks, before each trip the drivers disinfect the car thoroughly. We provide individual transfer for the purpose of the passengers’ and drivers’ safety. We meet the passengers at the airport with the nameplate in the arrival area. All flights are monitored online. Our cars are modern and comfortable for long-distance trips. There is free Wi-Fi in each car. Besides, we provide a child safety seat if needed.
To order a taxi to the border crossing checkpoint Kamenny Log (Medininkai), you can fill in the ordering form hereunder, call +375-29-108-77-08 or contact us via messengers (TelegramWhatsAppViber).

How to Cross the Border (Important!!!)

We provide transfer just to the Belarusian border crossing checkpoint (to the auto barrier). After that you can cross the border on foot (Belarusian and Lithuania).
If you have any questions you can contact us via messengers. We will answer all your questions and share all the necessary information that we learned during such trips. For the month of the pandemic we’ve got a lot of experience. Each case is individual!

Open border crossing checkpoints between Lithuania and Belarus during the quarantine.

  1. Medininkai (Kamenny Log from the Belarusian side)
  2. Raigardas (Privalka from the Belarusian side)
  3. Salcininkai (Benyakoni from the Belarusian side)

We wish you and your families good health!!!

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What is the fast and correct way to make an order.

  1. As soon as you start entering the name of the city (restaurant, health resort, hotel, etc.) the system will offer you a selection of options in the pop-up window. For correct calculation of distance and cost of the trip it’s very important to choose the place you need to go EXACTLY from the pop-up window.
  2. After that you choose the date and time of the trip (you should make an order in advance).
  3. Then you choose and fill in the information in accordance with your requirements for the trip. Before you place an order, you can see the final cost, distance and travelling time.
  4. After you click “Order transfer” you will receive an email with your order in a moment. Some time later, after the order processing, you will receive an email with the order confirmation
  5. After which you need to check the correctness of the information in the order and reply that you have received the confirmation.

Have a nice trip with Transfer Service!