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Taxi service in Minsk

Taxi service in Minsk

Transfer service in Minsk

There are many taxi providers in Minsk.

  • 28 Feb'18
There are many taxi providers in Minsk starting with classical taxi services with 2-way radio and modern online services such as Uber, etc. Among taxi providers that are working for more than 10 years in Belarus one can mention taxi service 152, taxi service 107, taxi service 135 (or “Stolitsa”),taxi service “Prestige”, taxi service 184, taxi service 156. Someone can remember taxi service 181 and 161, but it is highly unlikely to see them on the streets of Minsk.

But time moves on and people need something new and useful. Information technology doesn’t stand still. Taxi services that have mobile applications or at least a good working mobile version of a website are getting more and more popular today. That happens because most people order a taxi using their mobile gadgets. Among such taxi services one can mention taxi Next, taxi 7788, taxi Gold, Uber, taxi Piatnitsa, taxi service Lime, taxi service Smart and other. But all these car services mostly provide transportation in the city.

If you need a taxi to the airport of Minsk or if you want to go to any Belarusian city, health resort or recreational centre, you’d better use the service of companies that provide long-distance transfer. First of all you can make an order in advance. That can help you to plan your trip and besides, you don’t have to worry about a taxi on New Year’s Eve or during holidays in May or rush hour when it’s a problem to take a taxi. Secondly, if you order a taxi in a company that provide inter-city transfer, your trip will be more comfortable because their fleet vehicles are selected for long-distance transportation and are very comfortable. And thirdly, you don't have to pay high city fares for the inter-city trip.

Transfer Service Company offers long-distance transportation across Belarus. Our drivers can meet you at the airport or on the railway station and take you to any city, hotel or health resort of Belarus, providing a comfortable trip at a reasonable price. You can order a transfer in advance by filling in an online form, which will take just several minutes. Besides, you can call us at least one hour before the trip. We will be very happy to see you among our clients!

We are Always There at Your Services

To order transfer You can contact us via Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber,
phone us +375-29-108-77-08, or fill in the online form on our site. We will answer You right away!

We can make You feel comfortable…

In any kind of weather and at any time of the day or night we can transfer you to the destination point on time. You don’t have to wait for a taxi in hot, cold or rainy weather… Just place your order in advance and our driver will be waiting for you in the place you choose. Happiness is the key to success! And we are doing our best to make you feel happy and satisfied with our transfer service!

We know how to comply with the wishes of our clients. In the most complicated situations we can find the way out. Don’t worry about the trip. We are here to make your journey enjoyable, safe and comfortable. Trust your trip to us and you will be pleased with the results! Our company wish you a good trip!

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