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The Braslav Lakes

The Braslav Lakes

The Braslav Lakes

The Braslav Lakes' area is one of the most picturesque places located in the northern part of Belarus.

  • 22 Feb'17
They occupy a huge area (about 130 square kilometers) in Vitebsk region. The Braslav Lakes National Park can truly be called a very important landmark of the country. It was created in 1995. The capital of the Braslav Lakes is the famous Belarusian city of Braslav. Almost all the lakes are connected by streams and rivers. Among the most known are the lakes Drivyaty, Boginskoe, Tsno, Snudy, Nedrovo, Strusto. There are many different monuments of nature, culture and history.
One can see rare species of trees, large boulders and picturesque islands there. There are many different animals in the forests around the lakes, and a large number of fish species inhabit the lakes and rivers. The Braslav Lakes National Park is a very popular place not only among foreign tourists, but also among the Belarusians themselves and even locals. Hunting and fishing are rather developed in the area. Every year more and more Belarusians prefer to spend their holidays at some cozy recreation center, rather than go to sea resorts. The lake shores are filled with guest houses where one can stay for the weekend with the whole family. These are excellent places where one can enjoy active recreation (fishing, boating, catamaran, kayak, quad bike, jet ski and snowmobile). Lovers of passive recreation can simply swim, sunbathe on the sand or admire the beautiful sunsets sitting on the piers. The Braslav Lakes are popular and interesting for tourists not only in summer, but also in winter. Here one can celebrate the New Year with especial pleasure, since the surrounding nature turns into a real fairytale in winter.

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