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Brest Fortress


Brest Fortress

Brest is located at the confluence of the Western Bug river and the Mukhavets river, that’s why it’s divided into two parts.

  • 03 Feb'17

Brest is located at the confluence of the Western Bug river and the Mukhavets river, that’s why it’s divided into two parts. The most interesting historical part of Brest is in the north, where almost all sights including Sovetskaya pedestrian street and the Memorial Complex “Brest Hero-Fortress” are located. In May 1965 it was awarded the title “Hero-Fortress”. The memorial includes a similarly named castle built in 1833-1842. The fortifications had become out-of-date even at the construction stage, but later the fortress was upgraded. Now it's considered to be a symbol of courage of the Soviet soldiers, who took the first blow of the German Army on 22 June 1941. Brest Fortress is one of the greatest monuments dedicated to the heroic victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War. This is clearly evidenced by numerous traces of bullets and shells by bricks, which melted due to the flamethrowers. A lot of ruins and casemates are saved in the territory of the fortress, where it's possible to go down and see the locations of the 19th century. Visit to the Brest Fortress may take a full day

The Brest Fortress Defence Museum is located in the restored part of the barrack built as early as 1842. The exhibition consists of the objects found at the fortress, photos, personal belongings and documents. The atmosphere of the museum is very sad, you can feel horror and death that a war brings.

In the territory of the fortress, alongside the Polish border, there is a unique museum called "Berestie" that demonstrates the site of an ancient settlement of Berestie city with the buildings of the 13th century excavated by archaeologists. The excavation includes 28 log cabins of houses, city wood-paved streets, remains of chimneys and palisades. The craftsmen and traders lived and worked in the large medieval city. The items of life and culture found during excavations allowing to restore the image of a person's life at that time are displayed around the fort. The main fortification was 1.8 meters long; it was located on the island. The museum is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Belarus, it's visited by about 60 thousand people every year.

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  • You can visit the Brest fortress daily 9.00 - 17.00 , 1 January – day off.
  • The Museum of Defense of the Brest Fortress: 9:00 - 18:00. Day off: Monday..
  • Free visit — last Friday of each month.
  • +375-162-20-00-32.

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