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Dudutki Museum


Dudutki Museum

“Dudutki” is a must-see place for anyone, who truly wants to experience the traditions and mentality of Belarus.

  • 08 Feb'17
“Dudutki” is a must-see place for anyone, who truly wants to experience the traditions and mentality of Belarus. The museum complex located 40 km away from Minsk has such an original and extensive exposition that all its guests are excited. The estate of the 19th century is recreated in a picturesque place near the Ptich river. In “Dudutki” it’s possible to see the ancient Belarusian crafts and traditional activities in action, taste new-baked bread, fresh cheese and gentry samogon (home-made vodka), plunge into the life and culture of the Belarusians of the last century. Craft workrooms are well-represented in the museum; there are a cheese factory, a bakery and a brewery, a real windmill, its own zoo with Belarusian and exotic animals as well as a fleet of vintage cars.


  • The current windmill located in the territory of the museum was built in Gomel region and worked till 1970. In 1992 it was moved to “Dudutki” as a museum exhibit.
  • In the museum there is the first in Belarus legal samogon (home-made vodka) made according to the old techniques with an unusual accompaniment: a pickled cucumber and bread with honey.
  • The most popular birds in “Dudutki” are ostriches. They are interesting, but not the cleverest birds: the ostrich brain size approximately corresponds to its own eye.

What to see in Dudutki

Belarusian folk crafts are well-represented in "Dudutki": blacksmithing and pottery, caning and weaving, wool felting and wood-working. In each workroom craftsmen/women work in real time, so it's possible to see how the things are made.

In the museum territory there is a stable. Visitors can ride in the carriage and feel real nobles. Guests are offered to visit the aviary, zoo and farm that breeds astriches, peacocks, wild boards, roe deer and many other animals. In addition, the museum has its own apiary that provides honey served at the tasting of homemade vodka as one of the components of brand snack.

The Dutch-slyle windmill and miller's house located a little away from the main complex are also of special interest. The mill was built by brothers Mikhail and Ivan Polyakov in Berezovka village in Korma district of Gomel region at the beginning of the 20th century. During the collectivisation they were exiled to Siberia, so the mill was given to the local collective farm. Nearby there is the miller's house - a small hut that a miller maintained for those, who brought grain to grind. People could have some rest and meals and even stay there for a night before the trip back

The harmonious landscape of the complex is complemented by the wooden Church of St. John the Baptist, where previously the miraculous icon of the Godmother of Dudichi was kept. Unfortunately, the icon was burnt in 1891. Now the church has the icon of St. John the Baptist, Euphrosyne of Polotsk and Sophia of Slutsk, all of them are with the relics of saints.

Tired guests can have a rest and meal in the café and bar in the territory of the main complex. There is a guest house with a Russian bath for those, who wish to spend a few days on the banks of the Ptich river.

In “Dudutki” there is a playground for children designed as a pirate ship.

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